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Werte! Emoji nhenhe-areye arrwekele anthurre Australia-kenhe. Tyerretye Arrernte-areye itnenhe mpwareke, Arrernte-kenhe apmerenge.


Tyerretye anwernekenhe-arle itnenhe-areye mpwareke. Arrernte ilyernpenye-areye 

help-eme-ileme angkentye arratye​le arrernetyeke.

Australia’s first set of Indigenous emojis made on Arrernte land in Mparntwe/Alice Springs.
They were made by hundreds of young people with senior Arrernte cultural advisors for you to use!

Over the 2018 summer school holidays, young people in Mparntwe/Alice Springs worked with local Indigenous artists, designers and Arrernte cultural advisors to decolonise the internet by learning to design and make a new set of emojis relevant to their culture and lives. Read more.

You can use the emojis by downloading the free sticker set app.